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Photo: Anja Weber

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Touareg and Amarok off-road rides

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The All­Terrain Track is the perfect place on which to experience the off­road qualities both of the Volkswagen Touareg and the Volkswagen pick­up, the Amarok. During the 45­minute tour, and on a course that is just over a kilometre long, your driving skills are challenged by a water hazard, stairs, seesaw bridge and a hill with a 60% incline.

The traction of permanent four­wheel drive is essential when venturing off the beaten track and negotiating extreme driving situations. The variety of technical features offered by these vehicles, such as the low range gear selector and the rear differential lock, will assist you in this fun driving experience.

In an introductory round an Autostadt instructor guides you through the intricacies of the track. Thereafter try your own hand at negotiating the All-Terrain Track.


Single trip, ± 45 minutes, Euro 35
Groups (3 trips), ± 90 minutes, Euro 100
Cab rides: Experience the All-Terrain Track as co-driver. One of our instructores will show you the car and the possibilities of our All-Terrain Tracks.

If you combine the All­Terrain Track with an additional training module (e. g. SafetyTraining, EconomyTraining or the Tiguan and Yeti All­-Terrain Track) you will receive a 20% reduction on the module with the lower price.