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Experience Astypalea

Interactive exhibition at the CustomerCenter

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Smart, sustainable and fully electrified: that’s Astypalea. In the coming years, the Greek Mediterranean island is to be transformed into a model island for climate-neutral mobility and green energy. On the ground floor of our customer centre, a new exhibition takes you on an informative and interactive journey of discovery to the island that has an electrified future. The initiative is supported by the Volkswagen Group and the Greek government.


Astypalea is gradually switching to electric vehicles and renewable energies. If you want to see how intelligent, climate-neutral mobility can be made available without restrictions on residents’ mobility, then drop by and take a look. From the impressive 270° video flight over the island to Greece’s first electric harbour police vehicle: enjoy a wide variety of exhibits showing the major transformation process which the island in southern Aegean is undergoing.

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This scooter is intended to replace the popular previous scooters on the island.

The Volkswagen ID.4 will be the first electric vehicle used by the Greek port police.

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Room installation
Right in the foyer of the customer centre you get an insight into the ecological activities in progress on the island: an extensive room installation in the form of a giant swarm of butterflies flutters towards you when you enter the exhibition area.

Panorama screen with 270° flight
A 20-square-metre panoramic screen invites visitors to enjoy a realistic 270° flight over the Greek island, giving them the feeling that they’re right on the scene.

Films, facts, graphics
On the rear panel of the panoramic screen there is a presentation of fascinating facts about the Volkswagen Group’s “goTOzero” sustainability strategy for those who are interested. Captivating graphics also provide information on the aim and scope of the pilot project.

New electric vehicles symbolise mobility in transition
The transformation to e-mobility is embodied by a Volkswagen ID.4 as the first electric-powered vehicle operated by the Greek harbour police and a fully electric Seat MÓ 125 e-scooter, which will replace the regular scooters that are popular on the island.

Hits for kids
The youngest guests can also get involved in the exhibition: bouncing on touchboards on the ground generates energy, making e-vehicles speed around the island in a digital race. There are also graphics on the floor that run right through the exhibition area – the island can be easily discovered in 15 steps: each stepping point provides interesting information about Astypalea.