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Volkswagen Plant

Take the FactoryTour when you collect your car

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This area / service is currently closed / not available. Please find more information here

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If you are coming to the Autostadt to collect your new car you might like to book a tour* of the Volkswagen plant on the day of the vehicle handover. The panorama train will take you right into the heart of automobile production where you will be able to see how Volkswagen cars are made. The FactoryTour, which is approximately an hour long, gives you a direct insight into the different production steps involved in production.

A barge, moored at the pier in front of the Autostadt’s GroupForum, will ferry you across the canal to the factory.

You can book your FactoryTour in advance at the CustomerCareCenter at: +49 (0) 5361 400 (9:00 h to 18:00 h) or service@autostadt.de or online at the Autostadt Ticketshop.

Tours for day-visitors subject to seat availability

Day-visitors are welcome to participate in the FactoryTour if there are any spare seats. The personnel at the WelcomeDesk on the Piazza will be able to help you with this.

Tip: FactoryTours are only possible if production allows. We ask for your kind understanding if, because of unforeseeable circumstances, we are not able to take you through the plant.

Note: Recommended age 6 years and older.