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Photo: Lennard Kugeler

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Until 8 January

Käfer X Crazy

Seven crazy Beetles in the GroupForum

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A new exhibition by the name of “Käfer X Crazy” (Beetle X Crazy) is open for visitors. What is so unique about it? The exhibition includes six hand-picked vehicles from the ZeitHaus collection and one “Wedding Beetle” from Volkswagen's AutoMuseum Foundation, allowing Beetle fans to take a close look at some of the “crazy” technical and visual features that have appeared in the Volkswagen Type 1 during its 65 years in production. Selected for their “crazy” designs, the models are shown alongside designs from the 1960s, 70s and 80s and their histories. They all come from Italy – surprising, enchanting and “crazy” at the same time.

Look forward to these seven classics:

Volkswagen Type 1 Cutaway Model(1947)

The exhibit, which is located in the lobby of the former Metropol shop, is a Volkswagen Type 1 produced in 1947 and has been opened up so that almost all components are visible for teaching purposes.

Wedding Beetle from Mexico (1970)

Thanks to its load-bearing underbody, a wide variety of bodies could be mounted onto the Beetle – including this quirky structure, which was manufactured in a very small-scale production run in Mexico in the early 1970s and was even approved for use on the road. The body is made of cast iron and was hand-crafted by the workers at Volkswagen México. The car is said to have featured in a Bud Spencer film, as we have been told many times by our visitors.

1950s Kohlruss Beetle, Right-Hand-Drive Model (1949)

The company Kohlruss in Vienna was the first to identify customer demand for Volkswagens with particularly luxurious equipment and began to assemble high-end Beetles from several parts carriers in the early 1950s. The vehicle from the ZeitHaus collection is made from a 1949 chassis, a 1943 KdF engine and a 1951 body.

Volkswagen Beetle Stoll Coupé (1951/52)

A lawyer from Bad Nauheim was not satisfied with a conventional Beetle saloon so he had his 1951 Beetle converted into an elegant coupé with luxurious equipment by the body company Stoll.

Beutler Thun Pickup (1951)

A unique body shape: The company Beutler in Thun (CH) has its roots in the construction of sports coupés and cabriolets – it also incorporated this touch of elegance into the conversion of commercial vehicles based on the Volkswagen Beetle. Like the model on show in the Autostadt, which even has a folding sunroof.

The Millionth Volkswagen (1955)

The exhibit from the ZeitHaus collection left the plant in Wolfsburg on 5 August 1955 as the 1 millionth Volkswagen. As a complete one-of-a-kind, the anniversary model was painted in gold with brocade fabrics used in the interior as well as white rubber profiles and rhinestone-studded chrome attachments.

1302 Beetle “Tuning” (1970)

From the 1950s onwards, the VW Beetle was a favourite of tuners – the Kraft Beetles from Oettinger (OKRASA) and Decker (TDE) in particular still enjoy cult status to this day. The engine of the vehicle on show in the Autostadt was tuned by the company Kummetat in Gelsenkirchen.