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of Autostadt GmbH for Individual Tours

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The travelling conditions of Autostadt, which are acknowledged by you at the time of booking, have been prepared on the basis of the recommendation of the DRV (Deutscher Reisebüroverband [German Association of Travel Agencies]) pursuant to paragraph 38 passage 3 ARC (German Act Against Restraints of Competition).


The registration shall be a binding offer for the conclusion of a travel contract including the travelling conditions and terms of payment. The travel registration can be made in writing, verbally, telephonically or via e-mail. The travel registration shall be made by you and also for all participants listed in your registration. The travel contract shall enter into force once Autostadt has confirmed the booking in writing within a booking period of 14 days.


Unless a different mode of payment is explicitly agree upon in your booking confirmation or in the binding offer, the following shall be applicable: the travel documents shall be served or transferred by Autostadt after the receipt of your remittance or at the time of the payment at Autostadt. If mailing of the travel documents is no longer possible due to the short-term nature of the booking, the documents shall be handed over to you at Autostadt against submission of your transfer form. Possible refund claims, which you are entitled to pursuant to § 651 r Section 4 German Civil Code, should be addressed to

Zurich Insurance plc. Niederlassung für Deutschland
– Department of bond insurance –
Solmsstraße 27 – 37
60486 Frankfurt / Main

Telefon 069/7115-0
Telefax 069/7115-3422

which has been commissioned with the claims processing.


The contractually agreed services shall result from the service descriptions in our information documents as well as from the specifications in the travel confirmation referring to these. The specifications about the time of conclusion of the contract contained in the information documents shall be binding for Autostadt. Autostadt shall, however, explicitly reserve the right to modify the brochure information in justified individual cases before conclusion of the contract; we shall obviously inform about the same. We cannot assume liability for the information in brochures, which is not created by Autostadt and which was not enclosed with your information documents. The prices of the services are in EURO and per person.

Third party services

The following shall be applicable for third party services that are also offered, particularly those of VfL Wolfsburg Fußball GmbH:
1. The date and the game day specified in the offer can change due to current events. The postponement of game times and game days shall not justify a free cancellation.
2. A general resale of the tickets shall not be permissible and shall attract a contractual penalty.


Changes and deviations in individual travel services from the agreed content of the travel contract, which become necessary after the conclusion of the contract and were not caused by Autostadt in bad faith, shall be permissible unless the deviations and changes are significant and impair the booked tour as a whole. Possible warranty claims shall remain unaffected if the changed services are afflicted with defects. Autostadt shall be obligated to immediately inform you about service changes or deviations. If necessary, Autostadt shall offer you a free rebooking or a free withdrawal.


a) Withdrawal:

If you withdraw from the tour before the start of the tour, the receipt of the declaration of withdrawal by Autostadt shall be decisive. The declaration of withdrawal should, in any case, take place in writing in your interest and for the preservation of evidence. Non-adherence to the agreed payment periods shall not be considered as termination/withdrawal. If you withdraw from the travel contract or if you do not report for the tour, we can demand reasonable compensation for the expenses incurred by us. Our flat-rate claim for compensation (cancellation fee) shall be:

  1. One day before the start of the tour or in case of no show for the tour, 100% of the tour price
  2. Goodwill regulations must be in written form and shall replace the conditions stated under 1.

b) Rebookings:

In case of rebookings on your part from 30 days onwards before the start of the tour, Autostadt shall reserve the right to charge a fee of Euro 10 per person.

c) Substitute persons:

Up to the start of the tour, you can demand for a third person to enter into the rights and obligations from the travel contract. Autostadt shall, in any case, reserve the right to charge Euro 10 per person for the additional expenses. Declarations of withdrawal and change requests must be in written form in your own interest and shall become effective only on the day, on which they are available to Autostadt.


If you do not use individual travel services due to an early return or for other compelling reasons, Autostadt shall strive for reimbursement of the saved expenses from the service providers.


If Autostadt is prevented from performance of the contract by unavoidable, extraordinary circumstances which could not be foreseen at the time of contract conclusion, Autostadt may rescind the contract before the commencement of the journey. If the customer cancels after commencement of the journey, Autostadt may request an adequate compensation for the services already performed or the services still to be performed for the annulment of the journey.


a) Redress:
If the travel service is not provided according to the contract, you can demand redress. Autostadt can refuse redress if it is associated with disproportionate expenses. Autostadt can also offer redress by providing an equivalent substitute service.

b) ) Reduction of the tour price:
After returning from the tour, you can demand a reduction of the tour price corresponding to the underperformance if travel services or substitute services used by you were not provided according to the contract in spite of your notice of defects.


In the event of impairment of performance, you shall be obligated to cooperate within the scope of the legal regulations, to avoid or minimise possible damage. You shall particularly be obligated to immediately inform your complaints to the service provider. If you do not fulfil these obligations, you shall not be entitled to claims for reduction. Claims due to non-provision or non-contractual provision of services must be asserted in writing to Autostadt within one month from the contractually provided end of the tour. After the expiry of this term, you can no longer assert subsequently yielded claims.


We recommend the conclusion of travel insurance:

  • Cancellation fees insurance
  • Travel interruption insurance
  • Complete travel insurance


The invalidity of individual regulations of the travel contract shall not result in the invalidity of the entire travel contract.


As of: July 2018