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The latest FAQs

Answers to frequently asked questions

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Are there parts of the Autostadt that are still closed?

The Autostadt is working step-by-step to open up all of its attractions. This will be achieved in close cooperation with the local authorities. For safety reasons, some areas are still closed for the time being. You can find a list at www.autostadt.de/aktuell

Do the regular admission prices still apply during the current situation?

Yes, we still have the regular admission prices.

Can I also pay cash at the cashier's counter or only with EC and credit cards?

The payment process is carried out as contact-free as possible. You are welcome to pay by credit card or EC / Girocard. In addition, you can also pay with cash as well as with NFC-enabled devices, such as smartphones, Apple Watch or similar devices.


Is there a limited number of people allowed to visit the Autostadt at this time? If so, how can I be sure that people are still being allowed in at the time of my visit?

There is a limited number of people allowed in buildings and enclosed spaces in line with official regulations. You can, however, inform yourself about the current admission situation shortly before your visit at www.autostadt.de/aktuell/besuchermonitor. If there are waiting times, they will be indicated on this page. The status is updated hourly.

Can I register in advance for certain visiting hours?

No, but you can find out about the latest admission status at www.autostadt.de/aktuell/besuchermonitor.

Are there any recommendations on how to behave that I should follow when I visit the Autostadt?

The Autostadt has taken comprehensive protective measures based on official regulations to ensure the safety of its guests and employees. The safety precautions include distance markings, which we ask you to observe, Plexiglass panes and a conversion to processes that are as contact-free as possible (payment processes and doors). In addition, everyone must wear mouth and nose protection in the Autostadt bakery "Das Brot." and in the Autostadt shops.
We have introduced a redesigned access concept for the entrance, along with a modified guidance system in the park and in the buildings. Furthermore, there is a defined, limited number of people allowed in buildings and enclosed spaces according to official regulations. Disinfection dispensers are available in all sanitary areas as well as in additional places throughout the park. We kindly ask you to observe these regulations.

Do I have to use mouth and nose protection when I visit the Autostadt?

We recommend that guests wear mouth and nose protection in the Autostadt buildings. Everyone must wear mouth and nose protection in the Autostadt bakery "Das Brot." and in the Autostadt shops. You must also wear mouth and nose protection when picking up your vehicle.


Can I buy mouth and nose protection there?

Please bring mouth and nose protection to wear during your visit. Our range of products in our shop currently does not include any mouth and nose protection.

Where can I wash and disinfect my hands?

Guests can wash and disinfect their hands in all sanitary areas. You will also find disinfectant dispensers at additional places throughout the park.


When are the Autostadt restaurants open?

Please find the restaurant opening hours at www.autostadt.de/restaurants


Are the Autostadt restaurants still offering the same range of culinary delights? 

We will be pleased to welcome you with new offerings in our restaurants. Just like before, we are also offering a diverse selection of classic and innovative dishes made with ingredients from our own production facilities. You can view the current menus on the pages of the respective restaurants: www.autostadt.de/restaurants.


Is there a limited number of guests allowed in the restaurants and do I have to make a reservation?

Yes, we have set a maximum number of permitted diners at the Autostadt restaurants according to official regulations. Please make your reservation by calling 0800 6 11 66 00, via e-mail to restaurants@autostadt.de or using the online reservation form. Please note that official regulations require you to fill out a contact questionnaire when entering the restaurant.


Are the Autostadt driving experiences currently being offered?

For safety reasons, the following driving experiences cannot be offered at this time: Tower tour, factory tour, Rumfahrland in MobiVersum.
Virtual racing in the SIM MOBILITY is available. The test drives "alternative drives", the off-road course, safety trainings and motorcycle trainings can be booked as well.

Are guided tours being offered?

Yes, our Autostadt guided tours are offered with a reduced group size. If you are interested, please contact our staff on site or in advance by calling 0800 288 678 238 or via e-mail to service@autostadt.de

Is the play area for children – the MobiVersum – open?

A limited number of children can take advantage of the creative offerings at the workstations and use the simulators of the children's driving school. The Rumfahrland, the climbing area in the Mobiversum, the children's birthday workshops and the rest area are currently not available.


When can I pick up my new car at the Autostadt and who is the right contact person?

Vehicles can be collected from the Autostadt Customer Centre again. Deliveries are carried out in compliance with general hygiene and distancing regulations. If you have any questions about picking up your vehicle at the Autostadt or making an appointment, please contact your contract partner.


How is the collection of new cars organised now?

We arrange your vehicle collection experience with you to make it as enjoyable as possible. For safety reasons, we currently keep them as contact-free as possible. You can bring people with you, but only one person can pick up a vehicle at this time. Please note that it is mandatory for everyone to wear mouth and nose protection when picking up the vehicle. For safety reasons, the factory tour is not currently open. Please contact your contract partner for information about how you can collect your vehicle and arrange an appointment.


Is The Ritz-Carlton, Wolfsburg open again?

Yes, the Ritz-Carlton, Wolfsburg is open again. Please contact the team of the Ritz-Carlton, Wolfsburg for further information by calling: 05361 607 000 or send them an e-mail to wolfsburg.reservation@ritzcarlton.com.

I have already booked a reservation for an overnight stay at The Ritz-Carlton, Wolfsburg - can I cancel the appointment free of charge?

Yes, you can cancel your booking free of charge up to 24 hours before arrival. You can also reschedule your dates. Please contact the Ritz-Carlton, Wolfsburg directly on 05361 607 000 or by e-mail for this: wolfsburg.reservation@ritzcarlton.com