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Photo: Sebastian Bisch

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Motorcycle Rider Training

Become one with your bike

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Riding a motorcycle is fun – but emergency braking and extreme cornering require skills that need to be learned. The Autostadt offers you a chance to improve your motorcycle riding and safety skills on the SafetyTrack. You can sign up for rider training sessions. Choose from different all-day training courses where you ride your own motorcycle. Trainings include a theoretical module dealing with the fundamentals of motorcycle technology followed by practical exercises.

Basic Training – discover and experience your personal and physical limits

Basic Training is aimed at beginners and those returning to the bike world. Participants are first briefed on the basics of motorcycle technology. A professional instructor then works with riders to help them refine their techniques for cornering, braking, avoiding obstacles and balance. These and many more practical skills are taught in the Basic Training course. All participants who complete the training will receive a certificate from the German Road Safety Council (DVR).

Lean Angle Training – optimize your cornering technique and experience a completely new feeling

Lean Angle Training teaches riders how to really get low into the turns. This course is ideal for those who want to try out the limits of their machine and test their personal driving skills. The training starts with a review of basic motorcycle technology. Afterwards, the practical session focuses on avoiding obstacles, optimal braking in wet conditions, and perfecting the rider's lean angle. For these exercises, a special device (outrigger) is attached to the motorcycle enabling the rider to manoeuvre safely without losing control of the bike.